Mark a tenancy application as signed



  • Once you receive a signed tenancy agreement, you can mark this in the app, and have your property moved into a Rented status with a lease.


  • You can also access the active lease in Proper.

How to mark a tenancy application as signed:


  • Select the Applications menu at the bottom of your screen and click on the property with the tenancy agreement that you want to mark as signed.
  • You should now see the tenant(s) who have been sent the tenancy agreement below the title Awaiting signature.
  • If you have received a signed tenancy agreement back from the tenant then you can select their name and then click Options in the top right-hand corner.

  • From the available options select Mark as signed and then OK when a pop-up screen asks you to confirm this.

  • A new lease will be added to your property in the Property menu. Your house will now be shown under the Rented header and when you select it you will be able to see all of the lease details under Lease. Nice one!

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