Add an existing lease



  • Add an existing lease to Proper and manage this in the app.


  • Easily gain access to the main details of your lease by adding and storing them in Proper.


  • Tip: The first step before adding an existing tenancy agreement is adding your property to Proper. You can do this by selecting Add a property on the Property menu at the bottom of your screen. During this process of adding your property you will be given the option to add an existing lease.

How to add an existing lease or tenancy agreement:


  1. Once you have found the address of your property when adding it to Proper and selected the blue button that says This look correct, you should come to a screen titled Property Details.
  2. After providing photos and other information in the Details section, you want to scroll to the section called Status and make sure the Rented option is selected.
  3. Then you can scroll to the next section called Current lease and fill out the fields below this. This will include info about the lease start and end date, the rent and bond amount, and how often rent is collected.
  4. Next you can select the blue Add details button at the bottom of the screen. Your property will now show under the Rented section when you select the Property menu at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Now all you need to do is click on the property and then click on the Active lease to see all of the lease details that you just added. Simple as that!

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